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Chicken Salad With Verjus Vinaigrette, Apples & Blue Cheese

by , Chef , Lucia’s Restaurant, Minneapolis, Minn.

Chicken Salad With Verjus Vinaigrette, Apples & Blue Cheese
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Serves 2 to 4

  • 1 cup cooked chicken, cut into large bite-sized pieces
  • 1 apple, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 2 cups mixed seasonal vegetables (carrots, celery, scallions, sugar snap peas), cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 1/4 cup hickory nuts or pecans, lightly toasted
  • 6 cups mixed seasonal greens, washed and dried
  • Crumbled blue cheese for garnish
  • Lemon zest for garnish
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Verjus vinaigrette (see below)

Combine the chicken with the apples and the vegetables. Arrange the greens on two plates and put the chicken mixture on top. Drizzle with the vinaigrette and sprinkle with the blue cheese and the nuts. Season with black pepper, salt, and lemon zest.

    • Verjus Vinaigrette
    • Verjus is an acidic, unripe grape juice. Delicate and sweet-tart in taste, verjus was very popular in the Middle Ages, until it was replaced by the lemon. Like lemon juice, verjus heightens the flavors of many sauces.
    • 1/4 cup verjus (or substitute rice wine vinegar)
    • 3/4 cup olive oil
    • 2 tablespoons sour cream
    • 2 teaspoons freshly chopped chives and parsley
    • Salt and pepper to taste

    Combine all ingredients and whisk until emulsified. Taste for seasoning.

    Pairing: A fruity white, such as a riesling or a Muller Thurgau