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ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS 7 EASY WAYS TO IMPRESS GUESTS • Ask guests ahead of time so you can accommodate food allergies and preferences. • Personalize place settings and label buffet items. • Consider the crowd, occasion, and ambiance when building a playlist for your event, and choose selections that won’t distract guests as they mingle. • Add fun touches to drinks. Freeze fresh herbs and fruit into ice for big batch cocktails, add chilled pomegranate arils or fresh cranberries to Champagne flutes, include fresh citrus peel in cocktails, and set out festive straws and drink markers. • Use natural elements in décor to celebrate the season and keep things fresh. Light a couple candles and set out fresh flowers or winter greenery. • Include classic party fare like snack mixes and spiced nuts, but kick them up a notch with interesting seasonings and flavor combinations. • Opt for mini desserts in a range of offerings so guests can enjoy a small bite of something sweet, or try a few different desserts. Café Tecumseh 5