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There are countless ways to use craft beer in your next dinner. Try adding beer to any or all of the following methods for a fuller, more complex taste. FRYING Beer’s bubbliness makes it a great addition to batters used for frying, as it produces a lighter crust. Simply add a splash or two to your batter before dredging and frying. BAKING The yeast in beer makes it a great candidate for a bread additive; it can even add some flavor to pizza dough. (Belgian ales, with their high yeast content, are a great choice.) When it comes to your sweet tooth, rich stouts and porters with caramel and coffee undertones make a great addition to chocolate-based desserts. BRINES The flavorful ingredients in craft beers bring unique character to brines and pickling liquids, along with tenderizing and adding flavor to meats. Add ingredients to the brine that enhance the beer’s flavor. Refer to Chef Ben Maides’ recipe for Beer-Brined Fried Chicken Tenders on page 20 for inspiration. SOUPS & STEWS Beer can provide a strong flavor boost to soups and stews, but be sure to add it later in the simmering process to prevent bitterness. Adding sweet elements, like molasses or honey, can also help balance bitter taste. Stouts bring out meaty flavors in chili—ideal for the fall season. SAUCES, GLAZES & GRAVIES period of time, so they’re best for recipes that use little heat. The more beer is cooked and reduced, the stronger its flavor becomes, so if you’re cooking low and slow, use a lighter flavored brew to avoid overwhelming the dish. Try adding only a small amount of beer at the start, and then more later on in the Beer makes the flavor of these even more complex. (Check out Chef Ben Maides’ Smoked Chicken Thighs With Beer Barbecue Sauce on page 20.) When deglazing, simply add a splash of beer and bring the liquid to a simmer rather than a rolling boil. STEAMING OR POACHING LIQUID Add delicately-flavored, lightly-hopped beers to steaming or poaching liquids to increase flavor. cooking process for subtle flavor. Hoppier craft beers can complement rich and creamy dishes like fettucine Alfredo or a tomato basil soup, so don’t be afraid to add a splash to your next go-to comfort dish. MARINADES Probably the easiest way to use beer in your cooking, a beer-infused marinade works as a tenderizer due to its natural enzymes. Add a cup or two to your favorite recipe, being careful to pair flavors and intensity.